Job/Title: BA & Customer Service Coordinator

Job level/profile: Position of trust and confidentiality / Full-time Internship

Legal Entity/Department: PalletBiz CES GmbH

Direct reference: Regional Head, CES

In-direct references: Group COO / CEO

Back-office (s): Global Sourcing & Sales (GSS), Budapest/Copenhagen

PalletBiz is an international manufacturer and distributor Franchise Network, developing and maintaining a unique Business System for Packaging and Handling Materials made from wood, metal and plastic – primarily focusing on both standard returnable transit packaging (e.g., pallets, crates, collars, bins, frames, etc.), as well as custom designed and manufactured products for our customers. The Business System has been franchised to several countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa – and the PalletBiz Network is currently operational in 9 countries, with the Franchisor entity, PalletBiz Franchising Zrt. located in Budapest, Hungary. Visit our website at to learn more about the company.

The PalletBiz Network has experienced very high growth rates, whereas PalletBiz Franchising has recently acquired some subsidiaries in the same industry. As we anticipate even further expansions in the coming years, we have further plans for operational development in particular in Hungary and Austria as part of our region, Central Europe South (CES) – by also growing our regional workforce of industrial experts and professionals.

As we are expanding our operational footprint which will require more manpower on customer service activities, as well as focus on back-office support and overall business administration, we wish to employ you as our:


BA & Customer Service Coordinator

(Location: Budapest / Salzburg; German and English-speaking)


You will be joining a department which – with a shared scope between our CES and GSS offices – oversees the business development and overall operations related to our CES region.

The BA & Customer Service Coordinator will work directly with teams within our CES/CEN/GSS divisions, primarily covering tasks related to our operations in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, and Poland. The internship position, which reports to the Regional Head, as well as indirectly to the group COO/CEO, will be assisting as a back-office support function in the overall regional development – either from our office in Budapest or Salzburg.

We see an opportunity for business school interns to learn a great deal from an internship with PalletBiz. We offer very insightful and practically relevant internships, where you will not just be doing the leftover jobs – but have real responsibility that can help you gain valuable experience. The internship is a fulll-time (40 hours/week) practical experience (but not standard employment) – with a duration of 6-12 months, to be agreed with the intern.

Duties and responsibilities

The function of which you will be an integral part will share resources from several pools, and perform several different tasks:

Business administration and back-office support

You will be acting as a coordinator and support function for the regional teams with inquiries regarding business administration, while also performing as a back-office function in regional commercial activities, with focus on customer service processes. You will be overall assisting the regional teams, as well as the COO/CEO with other practical everyday tasks (TBD).

You will also be contributing to the improvement and development of the external and internal online presence of PalletBiz through the implementation of running content on regional websites, as well as the corporate Intranet.

Sales and business development

You will be participating in and assisting in sales development, where targeted markets include Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Poland. You will also assist with registering new leads, accounts, opportunities and market information and intelligence in company databases and customer & supplier relationship management systems.

You will thus participate in achieving a high utilization of the PalletBiz Franchising Communication Systems and Tools, including P-CRM, P-Design, P-SCM and Power BI. You will be participating in the continuous improvement of these systems as well, particularly for supply chain and CRM.

You will also be participating in regional sourcing and sales projects, as well as supply chain initiatives.

Place and time of work:

Your workplace is in Budapest/Salzburg to where you should report daily – or if agreed with your Regional Head, you can apply a rotating schedule of home office / PalletBiz office.

The work might require some travelling within the CES region, and/or occasionally to the GSS Office in Denmark.

Job success criteria and performance goals:

The job is an internship position within the shared scope of the CES-GSS organization.

Standard job success criteria:

  • Attaining the job mission and vision as per above as well as performance goals.
  • Respecting, living by – and promoting the company values in every aspect of the work – and in all relations with fellow PalletBiz employees, clients as well as suppliers.

Performance goals are reviewed during the internship.


Competencies & capabilities

Our BA & Customer Service Coordinator must possess both strong quantitative abilities and excellent written and oral communication skills. You must be able to think and act both practically/operationally, as well as strategically and analytically. You must be driven by results and be able to participate in our company innovation and future development.

Core skills – must have:

  • Proficiency in English AND German (min. B2 level)
  • On-going bachelor’s or master’s studies in e.g., Business Administration/Management, International Studies, Logistics/Supply Chain.
  • Knowledge or experience in commercial or customer service processes, management, and implementation, preferably in B2B operations.
  • Extended proficiency in MS Office (esp. Excel and PowerPoint).

Advanced skills – nice to have:

  • Proficiency in Hungarian and/or Slovakian and/or other European languages.
  • Knowledge of supply chain / logistics / transport / industrial sectors.
  • Proficiency in any other business management software.

Personal characteristics:

  • You must be able to work independently as well as in teams – respecting a multi-country organizational structure and to be able to think “out of the box”.
  • You are able to balance and manage multiple roles and responsibilities, while understanding how the different processes are connected.
  • You must be able to work equally well with many different cultures and organizational levels.
  • You have good structural abilities and systematic thinking, and you are very organized and detail-oriented.
  • You are self-driven, curious, and commercially oriented.
  • You are outgoing, energetic, and enjoy talking to people and building relationships.
  • You identify with our core corporate values: openness, loyalty, proactiveness, win-win attitude.



Lilla Zombori

Mob.:      +36 30 959 3840